Happy New Year

Posted 06/01/2016 | Farmer's Blog

It’s been a great year for the farm. All the animals have been doing wonderfully, and vegetable production throughout the year has gone really well. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed raising and growing incredible food and delivering them to our amazing customers each week. It’s great to know that there are so many people who appreciate the kind of work that goes into producing food with the highest ethical and environmental standards.

We’ve had some memorable meals from smoked brisket, to perfectly bbq’d steaks, prime rib, fried chicken, porchetta, roasted rainbow beets, zucchini noodles, eggs benedict, and classic ratatouille. We know that all our customers have enjoyed creating delicious meals for themselves, their friends and family.

If you’re interested in knowing exactly where your food comes from and getting to know your farmer – 2016 can be the year you make changes in way you shop, cook and eat. Ask any one of our customers and they will tell you what a difference the Stubborn Farmer has made in their lives.

Thanks to all of our customers and all who have supported us throughout the year – looking forward to a great 2016!