Fresh Vegetables


Our farm grows over 30 types of vegetables and some fruits, using natural fertilizers, and zero pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Ever. Our produce is seeded, planted, weeded, and picked by hand. We harvest at peak ripeness just before your delivery; it doesn’t get any more farm-fresh than that! The varieties of fruit and veggies we grow are carefully selected for great taste and optimal nutrition, just another reason buying directly from local farms makes life more delicious!

Fresh Meat


Our cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, and hens are grass fed on pasture containing 13 species of meadow grasses, flowers and legumes. We rotate our pasture to swap grazing land for hay production so we can save summer goodness to feed our livestock in winter. All supplemental feed is organic and GMO free. Giving our animals outdoor access through the colder months reduces illness and distributes manure sustainably, which means even healthier pasture and hay can grow next year! You are what your meat eats - eat naturally, eat stubbornly.


How It Works

Fresh Vegetables
Step 2 - Add any items you would like à la carte.
Step 3 - Have everything delivered right to the door of your home or work.

Once you sign up, we’ll send you an email confirming your order and let you know the day and approximate time of delivery. The email will also provide you with an access code for our online store where you have the option to add extra items to your box.

An email is sent a few days before your delivery detailing what will be included in the boxes that week.

Extra items and changes to your order must be requested 48 hours before your scheduled delivery.

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Who We Are

We farm to fuel families, both yours and our own. Our biodynamic practices preserve fertile soil, clean water and natural ecosystems to protect food security for the future. Our farm grows over 30 types of vegetables and some fruits, using natural fertilizers, and zero pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We pasture raise cows, pigs, lambs, chickens and hens, all on a rotational grazing program. Sustainable farming is all about planning for the big picture; we are constantly aware of how our methods will have an impact on our children, farmland, community and planet. From small choices, to big changes, we grow your food stubbornly by zooming out and considering the effects of our practices on the largest scale. And we’ll absolutely never change. We want you to view our farm as your farm, and the food we raise and grow as your food. So go on – enjoy it stubbornly. Make your own impact by sourcing food directly from local growers. Serving most neighborhoods in Toronto, York, and Durham regions.

Delivered directly from our family homestead to your healthy home – naturally raised, stubbornly sustainable. Food. The way it was meant to be.

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