A Different Kind of Farm

Balanced, responsible, sustainable farming.

Healthy kids are the reason we started farming. We wanted a food source we could trust, for the health of our own children and for other local families.

We grow naturally, so they can grow naturally; fuelled by safe, nutritionally rich, environmentally sustainable food. We are proud to nourish healthy futures and create food security for the next generation.

Everyone working on the farm is committed to your health, and the health of your environment. We co-operate with nature to produce your food through ethical, respectful, and biodynamic farming practices. We grow an extensive variety of vegetables, raise diverse livestock, and ensure that our growing practices protect and benefit our farmland and ecosystems.

We reserve half of our farm property to be left uncultivated, preserving habitat for our wild neighbours, and riparian buffer to keep waterways clean.

We harvest to order right before your delivery, so our produce can be picked at peak ripeness for the highest nutrient levels and freshest flavor.

We work hard to grow with healthy dirt so the plants you eat are as nutrient-rich as possible. By offering a wide range of produce and rotating our crops, we make sure not to deplete the soil – what one type of plant takes out, another puts back in. Our drip irrigation system uses 90% less water than surface irrigation, we weed the gardens by hand, and use zero pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Our pasture raised livestock provides optimal organic manure so we never need to use other fertilizers.

These are just a few of the ways we are farming stubbornly to improve the health of the land we all eat from, so you can be the healthiest you! Because a clean diet starts with clean earth.

Food, the way it was meant to be. Hand raised with care, by our family for yours.

Rotational grazing on pasture.

Responsible farming begins with our respect for our pasture. The pasture’s soil is fertilized and nourished with natural amendments including manure, mushroom compost, and seaweed. No synthetic fertilizers or other artificial components are included or used.

We make sure our livestock are raised and tended ethically. The farm’s various animals – including cows, hens, chickens, sheep, and pigs – feed and are raised on balanced, fresh, and natural pastures on a rotational basis. That means they move from field to field in sequential order, consuming a variety of plants. This guided process, known as “rotational grazing”, helps enrich the health of both the pastures and animals. As a result, all plants and animals grown on the farm are naturally healthy, nutritious, and flavourful.