Terms and Conditions

Add on items in the online store may only be purchased by members subscribing to at least one share box of any size. A la Carte meat sales are limited to members who are signed up for any size meat share box.

We operate as a Community Supported Agriculture membership season. Our annual planting and livestock planning is customized to support our small community of members. As such we rely on the commitment of our members to receive a weekly share delivery on a yearly basis. As a member you agree to consistently support our share program throughout our 50 week production season. 4 free skipped weeks are allowed per year.

For any additional unwanted deliveries you will be charged $35 per skip, and a small vegetable share in your name will be donated to families in need, through arrangement with www.feeditforward.ca.

If for any reason your membership is not working for you, you are free to cancel your subscription. If you wish to re-start your deliveries at a later time you will be offered a share membership as it becomes available on our waiting list.

Accepted payments include cash, cheque and e-transfer.

Payment is expected on or before delivery.

If a delivery date within the same week must be changed, added to or skipped, 48 hours notice must be given, or your standard weekly box price will be charged.

Stubborn Farmer reserves the right to refuse large quantity orders of a single item so that a variety of products are available to all customers.

The Meat Box contains a mixture of Beef, Pork and Chicken. It may also occasionally contain lamb. Substitutions for pork, beef, or lamb are available upon request. Chicken and lamb are seasonal items and may have low availability a few weeks a year.

Stubborn Farmer reserves the right to refuse or cancel memberships.

Special circumstances may be accommodated.